WebTop, Roundcube and SOGo NethForge Categories

I noticed that WebTop has in own category but Roundcube is in the Webmail category and no category about SOGo, but SOGo is mentioned in the WebTop category.

I think we need a category for SOGo. Also it might be better to put Roundcube in Roundcube category or in Roundcube/Webmail category, and not just Webmail.

Or can we place a category called Webmail with subcategories called WebTop, Roundcube and SOGo.

Something to think about.


I agree, the current categories are quite a mess! We could improve them!


I also say

  • By now, SOGo and WebTop are Groupware, Roundcube is a web mail client (at least with the default plugins),
  • SOGo comes from NethForge, whilst WebTop and Roundcube come from “core” repositories.

Comments are welcome!



I understand that a little more, even though most Linux Groupware is to me only calendar with email and contacts, not just email and contacts.

Are you saying make a category where they came from? If you make a category where they came from, are you saying to put all the NethForge, not only email systems, is major category and core repostiories in another major category?

I’m not a developer so I’m not sure where they all come from.

NethForge is a category by now. I think it would be a good idea to remove it and put any module from NethForge inside the other categories.

Some time ago, NethForge repository was not enabled by default. Now it is, and we can remove this way to split the things, IMO.

How about this. I will starting writing SOGo category. In the meantime we can continue to discuss the email/groupware and where to put them. Sound Ok with you? Or unless someone else writing the SOGo category.

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Do you mean writing down an Admin Manual section for SOGo? That would be a great contribution!

There’s also a test to do with YUM categories. I’d like to verify if two different repositories can define the same category ID so that their contents are “merged” /cc @dnutan

As said, I’d like to remove “NethForge” as category on its own, and let the packages from NethForge repo be listed among the ones from core.

I might have to hold off writing the SOGo manual for now. I’m going to Hawaii next week (first time…I’m happy :grin:) but my father, who lives in another state, might have had a stroke last night and we’re waiting. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though :worried:

Don’t worry for the docs, take your time!


Sorry man, that’s a bad new :frowning:
Fingers crossed from us as well! :cold_sweat:
Please send us some pics from that beautiful place and good vacation! :sunrise:

I’m a bit confused about the categories term. As per categories are we talking about the official documentation, or something else?

Again, not sure I get it right… :sleepy: As interactive command there is mergerepo:

mergerepo - merge multiple repositories into a single repository while referring to the remote location for all packages.

As yum.conf options there is overwrite_groups:

determine yum’s behaviour if two or more repositories offer the package groups with the same name.

Categories are the blue buttons in Software Center. They are defined here: