WebTop Public Folders problem when using Alternate root folder

Hello @webtop_team and @support_team,

  • I’ve setup a general email account in our office which is used by our secretary for general info emails received to our office…
  • Our Secretary has her own personal domain account on Nethserver and she uses this account to login to her computer, Nextcloud and WebTop.
  • In WebTop for this general info email account I’ve updated the sharing to share the Identify of this general info account with our Secretary. I’ve checked the ‘Share Identify’ box and the ‘Force mailcard’ box for our secretary.
  • Also in sharing I’ve added our company owners to have access to this general info email account. They now have the ability to see and respond to emails that come into this general email as well as the secretary.
  • On our Secretary’s Webtop settings I’ve updated the Advance Settings to use the ‘Alternate root folder’ so that our secretary does not see their own personal email accounts. Instead she only sees and manages the general info email account for our office.

Now I want to implement Public Folders for our general info account. So in Nethserver I’ve created a Public Folder and I’ve provided our general info email account the access it needs to view Public Folders. When I login into Webtop using our general email account credentials I can see the Public Folder.
But when I login to our Secretary’s email account, she being the one to manage our general inbox, she cannot see the Public Folders? She can see all the general inbox folders as per the sharing I setup.

How can I use ‘Alternate root folder’ for our secretary to manage our general inbox and still have access to our Nethserver Public folders?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.


Hi @greavette,
I confirm that I have reproduced the problem you have reported and I have just opened the bug: https://issues.sonicle.com/browse/WT-809

Thank you very much for reporting :clap: :wink:

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Thanks very much for your support @lucag. Very much appreciate your support with all my questions. :slight_smile:

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