Webtop or SOGo? What Groupware is the best for NS7?

At the moment, I use NS7 with SOGo 3.2.4 on a physical machine, but I miss the possibilities of mail handling against the old SOGO version. In addition, SOGo in the new version in my opinion very slowly responding to inputs. I know the discussion has already given SOGo versus Webtop here in the forum. But if you decide between SOGo or Webtop, which option would you choose.

Regards and a nice Sunday…


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Hello Uwe,

The same experiences as you did I also made, I’m not at all satisfied with the situation.

I lack a reasonable solution for multiple domains or multiple email accesses, that was possible in the old SOGo version now no longer.

The current WepTop version (4) is no alternative, there are too many features and the future the allegedly that has everything there is no demo or similar in the net.
Very unfortunate - reminiscent of mystery.

Thus I will have to stay with all restrictions with SOGo 3.2.6.

Oh yes the 3.2.6 reacts emotionally somewhat brighter, but not much ;-(



Install 3.2.6a

Hello @gerald_FS,

I have also to give my feedback about Sogo (3.2.6a ) which looks and feels like it was made for a tablet, but most normal users will not be happy to use it on their desktop. Sogo version 2.x was looking a little bit old styled but every icon on the right place and much faster response time - overall well usable. Would be an advantage if we could have back the old style again :sob:

You mentioned that it is not multi domain ready - I can not agree with this statement because I do use multiple imap accounts (different domains) with it and it does its job!

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With version 3.2.4 here I can say that you’ll be able to use more than one domain/mailaddress with it.


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Good evening,
last week I tested nethserver7 with sogo and webtop in VBox:

  • sogo design is created for smartphones, but not for monitor 3:4 - How can I change the design ??
  • webtop only in english or italian… and what should do others, at example german speaking people ??

There are no much more PLUS to the old Versions… for me.
Found this zagrafa fork much better;


Look at it and bye,

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use sogo2 :slight_smile:

Is it possible with NS7?

a bit tricky but yes. my concern will be to maintain and build two rpm version…otherwise it is possible to downgrade to sogo2 using the nightly sogo build

I guess you meant 4:3

I tested it and can’t see any problem with such a format… can you elaborate a bit more?

P.S.: sogo3 works fine on smartphones too, but it’s designed for a desktop environment, as a fully featured mail client…