Webtop not working any more - no indication on why

So, I have this server running a few years, doing all updates, survived plenty of reboots or even power losses etc.

Today I had some issues that I couldn’t identify (although probably coming from router), which were resolved after rebooting everything.
Now webtop doesn’t seem to work and I think mail is not working at all as even my mobile phone cannot pull email.
NS7 web interface (cockpit) works fine and I cannot see anything that can identify that something is not working ok.

How can I proceed from this to try and resolve the issue?

Is there any service not running?

everything that is related seems to run

Hi @NLS,

tomcat8 is also running? I cant see this on the pic.



Yes it does. Sorry forgot to send second page.
I verified my mobile also doesn’t receive - which is strange because the IMAPS connectors I have set in NS7, do work (as my ISP mail container does get emptied - and I have no way of seeing what is pulled in my server…).

The second service page held the answer…
Shorewall wasn’t running.

I started and immediately it popped webtop login page!
Question is why it wasn’t running (even after restarting NS7), when manually starting it works.

You may check the service status when shorewall come up after boot:

systemctl status shorewall -l

or check /var/log/messages when shorewall is already started.

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