WebTop new mail

This problem was in WebTop 4, and still persists in WebTop 5.
When there is new mail, you can see the unread mail highlighted to the right of the inbox folder in the folder list, but the screen never refreshed.
Is there a way to have the screen refresh to show the new email?

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Hi Wayne,
i do not think it’s a bug, but a choice of development that has a precise technical reason.
Surely @gabriele_bulfon and @matteo.albinola can explain in more detail and share the reason for this choice :wink:

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Yes, this will be addressed in next steps: the refresh code must take care of not disturbing the user while working on the folder list (e.g. browsing with the cursor keys or the scrollbar, or selecting etc.). This will be done checking that the user is not working on the grid for sometime before issuing an automatic page refresh.

Remember, it’s an html5 / web application, not an installed native one, though I must admit it really looks like it is… :wink:

At the moment, you need to click on the folder (inbox in this case) to get an intentional refresh.


Thanks for the info, glad to hear it will be added, good news.