Webtop - Many same emails in suggestion when creating a new message

Hello @support_team, @lucag,

We use a group addressbook and I encourage all our staff to only use this addressbook.

I’ve noticed when creating new email messages and typing a name in the To box that we now have more than one email address all the same from various sources. In the screenshot below I’ve started typing in an email address and I can see the exact same email address from webtop, swaslab (our group addressbook) and from automatic. This looks messy and unnecessary in my opinion. I would prefer only the swsalab addressbook show the email address I’m searching for.

Where did this automatic come from? How do I stop Webtop from pulling addressbooks from automatic?
Why is webtop showing?

Thank you.

Hi @greavette,
WebTop by default populate an addressbook with automatic suggestions: after you send an email to a contact, it will be saved into this “virtual” addressbook and then you can retrieve it when you write a new email.

If you want to disable this function follow istructions here: https://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/webtop5.html#hide-auto-suggested-recipient-in-lookups

Instead, if you want to delete a single address from automatic addressbook, follow instructions here: https://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/webtop5.html#delete-automatically-suggested-email-addresses


Thank you @federico.ballarini!

Regarding the link to delete the single address from the automatic addressbook. The link says to hover over the email address and use your Shift+Canc key. I’m not aware of a Cancel key but I found the Delete Key works. You may want to update/add to this documentation that the Shift+Del also removes the single address from automatic addressbook.

Regarding the second point. Your link provided a how to remove the automatic addressbook so that I only see suggestions from my addressbooks. I’ve done this and the automatic addressbook has been removed which is good.
I’ve created a global addressbook from our main email account and shared this with all staff. This addressbook is called swaslab. This is the only addressbook I want our staff to see when suggestions are being made in typing addresses into the TO box. But I see a Webtop suggested addressbook as well. What’s strange is that when I look at my Webtop addressbook it is empty. I’m not sure where this email address is living in a Webtop addressbook. Can I update the Properties in Admin to also only show our global addressbook or to not show the Webtop addressbook?

Thank you.

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On my PC is “canc” key. Probably it depends from PC model. Maybe @lucag we could add a note to use “del” key if “canc” one is not available.

@lucag I need your help :slight_smile:

@greavette If you remove this prop, addressbook is visible? Can you post some screenshots?
Thank you.

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It’s not the computer model, it’s the language of the hardware (labeled Keyboards)!

Cancelare is ital. for Delete, the computer keys are labeled so…
German it’s called Entfernen (Too long for a Key) so it’s labeled Entf…

As this forum is English, it’s called the Delete Key, labeled DEL or Delete.

My 2 cents


Thank you @Andy_Wismer, you are right!

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@Andy_Wismer Cancellare, double l :wink:
After a search, the french for Del key should be Supr


Same/similiar in english, singular is cancel (One L), infinitiv is cancelling…

But I DO make typos in my italian! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Thank you @federico.ballarini and @lucag for your help with my question.

I’m unsure what you mean by ‘remove this prop’? The property I added is working because it has removed the automatic addressbook entries I was seeing.
We have a global addressbook and we each have our own webtop addressbook. Is there a property I can use to not view contacts from our own webtop addressbook? I’m encouraging my staff to only populate and use the global addressbook I created for them so I would prefer when creating a new email that the suggested contacts that show up in the TO field only display contacts from our global addressbook.

Thank you.

PS. I didn’t realize my suggestion about using DEL would generate so much discussion! :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone for their comments on keyboard language.

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Hi Charles

The last time I got into discussions about Keyboards was about 1995, when IBM in Europe started localizing Keyboards. The German Versions had instead of the typical US-English CTRL-ALT-DEL the germanized Version STRG-ALT-ENTF (for Steuerung = Control and Entfern = Delete.

The main issue was that Internet was just starting - and all docs, computer magazines and others were using the english labels… So people were asking, I don’t have a CTRL key (Or DEL)…


A long time ago, in a long past millenium from now - and a much free-er world!

My 2 cents

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Hi Charles,

currently the automatic address search is performed on all user address books (both personal and shared).

I opened this FR to implement a new option, for each user, with which to select which address books to use for automatic searches.

Thanks for the suggestion :wink:


Thanks very much @lucag, if this gets implemented my users will be happy.


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