Webtop mail location

Hi, I’m new here, so this is my first post, but I have searched for this topic with no luck.
I am testing NethServer with Webtop, and very much like what I see so far.
I run a NAS (openmediavault) on our network, which has snapshot backups to a secondary backup OMV NAS. So, to keep everything backed up, I want to store all the WebTop data (mail, calendars etc) on the NAS.
Is this possible out of the box?

Everything except the mail should be inside the database dump: /var/lib/nethserver/webtop/backup/webtop.sql.

To create it, you need to execute the pre-backup event:
signal-event nethserver-pre-backup-data

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That is to backup the database, correct?
But, how could I store the database in a different location?
How could I store the webtop database on a NAS? I want to be able to fire up a backup NethServer and have it have the complete up-to-date data.
Can I just symlink the complete /var/lib/nethserver directory to a location on the NAS?


It’s not simple.
You need to manually change the configuration of postgres and configure the system accordingly.

Probably not everything will correctly work.
I suggest you to eventually create a copy of the folder on the NAS using rsync to use in case of disaster recovery.


considering we’re talking about a database, I would rather schedule "pg_dump"s of the entire database to a sql file on the NAS: this will allow for a consistent restore of the database.


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Ok, thanks for the replies.
I was hoping there was a easy way to store all data on a NAS, but I think it will not be possible, at least easily, and I would worry that some update in the future would break any changes I made.
I will just ditch the NAS, and have 2 NS’s, and will just do LVM snapshots and rsync to backup NS. I will lose a bit of functionality in ease of disaster recovery, but it will work.