Webtop Mail - Is there a way to archive mail?

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009 (fully updated)

Hello @support_team @webtop_team ,

I’m hoping you can help me with a question I’ve received from our office director. He wants to save or archive his emails by year so as to not lose older but perhaps important emails. Would there be a way from within Webtop that would allow me (the Nethserver/Webtop Admin) to be able to archive all his email email by previous years. He already reviews emails and only saves what is necessary.

Secondly, if there is a way to archive emails, what would be the process to view this archive so if needed we could review these old emails easily from within Webtop?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide me.


Try the Nethserver Piler module…

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Thank you @Andy_Wismer for this reply!

I’ve not heard of Piler before. A quick search turned up these posts:


  1. From what I’ve read it appears that Piler can be installed on my Nethserver and I can send all emails that come in to this separate location (archive) to store mail. Is this archived mail stored locally on my Nethserver?
  2. Can I install piler on a second nethserver (which does not host my mail) where I can archive my mail on this second nethserver?
  3. I was hoping to archive mail by Year so that I can delete by year over time. IE: Keep last 3 years of mail…older archives can be deleted as an example.

Thank you.

Hi @greavette

Piler has to be installed on NethServer - with mail active on NethServer.
Piler stores it’s archive completly separate from NethServers mail system (Postfix), but also on NethServer with the option to seperately backup the archives…

This doesn’t stop you from setting up a second NethServer (real or virtual), using the same Account-Provider as your main NethServer (So you have the same users / passwords), just for Piler.
You’ld need to make sure the mail forwarding rules are congruent, so Piler get’s a copy of all mail in and outgoing for all users you need to archive a copy of…
It might be simpler to setup the Piler-NethServer as the Mailgateway / Smarthost for the other, primary NethServer…

You can define retention and other rules.

Each user has their own, encrypted access.

It’s installed very quickly… :slight_smile:

The only “gotcha” I can see is that the user needs to log in to Piler, instead of using WebTop to query the archives…
But on the other hand, WebTop does not have to index, maintain archives for several years (tens of thousands of small files…)… :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andy_Wismer, I’m starting to see how Piler works. I would need to setup a forwarding rule per person to be able to archive (send all outgoing and incoming mail) to Piler which is installed on my Nethserver.

Does Piler allow me instead to search through all mail and archive all mail in a mailbox from a date and previous? For example I want all my email from December 31, 2019 and older to be archived and moved into Piler. In this way my mail is archived and my Nethserver/Webtop mail quota usage is decreased because my mail has been moved and archived into Piler.

Thank you.

Hi @greavette

Basically, once you set a user to import, Piler takes it from then on…
EVERY Mail from / to that user is archived.

Piler is actually set “per Domain”, but then only keeps an archive from then onwards.
Existing mailboxes need a one-off per user import - or a one-off import for ALL mailboxes.
You can define exceptions NOT to be imported.

The retrieval function has a “global” search field, you can use almost anything like searchterm*, REGEX or whatever.

There are 2 built-in users, one is intended for administration, the other is the universal “Auditor” and can search through ALL users.

One big advantage (Also a disadvantage) is that the user can keep mails locally (Mail client) as he/she needs and can erase the rest. It’s all still available in the Piler Archive. Or you, as admin, can erase the contents older than your defined date. I tend to allow two years “local” Mailclient storage…

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Thank you @Andy_Wismer , as always I really appreciate your helpful insights and explanations!

I’m not sure Piler is what I need in my small office. The effort to setup and archive all mail may not be that useful for us. I was looking at a way to help clean our email and archive by year email for one of our users. That way they could keep their current email smaller and if needed search through the archive for older emails if necessary. But even in the archive I would want to only keep 1 or 2 years of archived emails. I will need to consider this and see if it’s worth me setting up and supporting it.

I also have to consider that Piler is not a supported Nethserver module. While I have full confidence in all supporters of the extra modules (Steph and Marcus have provided excellent solutions for us all to use), I’m always concerned about adding non-supported apps to my production Nethserver. I never know what the future may bring.

Perhaps you or someone from the @webtop_team can answer another question for me then to help me with my mail. Are there any reports I can generate from Webtop for a user to identify emails by subject and size? What I’m suspecting is this one user I’m dealing with has replied back and forth with large emails (attachments) so his mail has grown too large. If he would delete the older emails and keep the latest one (which has all the details of the earlier email) his mail could be reduced. I know I can sort in his mailbox by size but it would be very helpful to be able to dig into his mail and show him where he can clean it up more. Perhaps showing him all the emails with attachments in them would help.

Thank you.

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Hello @lucag , can you comment on how I can create a report for our employees on what’s in their inboxes. I’m looking to help our employees find emails with duplicate subject lines (where they can delete all the old emails and only keep the most recent) and find large emails or ones with large attachments.

Thank you.

Hello @lucag , can you comment on how I can create a report for our employees on what’s in their inboxes. I’m looking to help our employees find emails with duplicate subject lines (where they can delete all the old emails and only keep the most recent) and find large emails or ones with large attachments.

Thank you.

WebTop supports archives by year (and month), it’s explained in the documentation.

You could login as him, see documentation.

You can sort by size in WebTop.

Has anyone been able to setup Webtop External Archive?

I have setup these fields as per Mail — WebTop 5 Documentation 5 documentation but I see nothing on the external server and no option to External Archive. If I do the only option and move emails to Local Archive it still only achieves to the Local Archive.

If I look at the log for webtop there are no entries RE external archiving.

I can not see any other documentation. Does anyone know if there is further documentation?