Webtop - mail account authentication error

Nethserver Version: NethServer 7.9.2009

@support_team , @webtop_team

Hello support,

I haven’t had any new updates to my Nethserver to apply in a while but this morning I started to receive the following error when logging into my webtop mail from multiple computers in my office:

mail account authentication error. not connected.

Any idea why I would be receiving this error suddenly? Like I said nothing has changed on my Nethserver in a few weeks. I’m not out of space and I can login to any server using my same nethserver domain name.

It appears this error is only occurring with my nethserver ID. all other ID’s are working without problem.

Thank you.

Hello @webtop_team or @support_team ,

I’ve rebooted my server and it appears my account is now working correctly again. I’m a little concerned that this happened in the first place. Can you provide suggestions on why this happened and if this is a sign that I have an error with my account?

Thank you.