Webtop having problems with Umlauts in user names

I created my user with login carsten.haerle and display name “Carsten Härle”. However in Webtop I see “Carsten Hrle”. I can change this manually afterwards and everything seems to be ok, but Webtop should do this correctly from start.



Hi @carsten,
I’m not sure if this behavior depends on webtop :thinking:
What account provider are you using on Nethserver?
Can you try to see if you have the same behavior on Nextcloud too?
I’m afraid some characters are not passed correctly (ä, ö, ë, …)

I use the Nethserver account provider.
I now created a test user with name: testäöüßÖÄÜéèâê
In Nextcloud everything is fine, however in Webtop the user name is shortened to “test”, removing ALL Umlauts.

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Yes sure … I meant Ldap or AD ? Local or remote ?

Ok this then rules out a problem :thinking:

What do you think @gabriele_bulfon about this behavior ?
Do you know if there are limitations to using these characters ? äöüßÖÄÜéèâê

It is LDAP not AD