WebTop feature request: mailto:

Hello @webtop_team ,

Do you have any form for feature requests?

It would be really good to implement a method to handle mailto: links.

Previously I thought it is impossible (well, it works in gmail, but they are the few exceptions, at least in the default browser settings), but now I figured out the roundcube has this feature.

We could assign (or hack into the browsers) it manually if automatically not possible, but webtop needs to be prepared to handle the incoming data.

Unfortunately I do not know anything about this kind of stuff, but possibly this is the feature I miss the most from webtop!


Hi @CptCharlesG,
sorry for the delay with which I answer you :relieved:

I can tell you that only today with the development team it was decided to add support for mailto: links on the WebTop as well.

For now, only feasibility has been analyzed even if it does not seem to be immediately implemented.
Here is the reference issue: https://issues.sonicle.com/browse/WT-883

For the release times nothing has been planned yet, you will have to wait :wink:

Thank you for your suggestion