Webtop Favorites feature request

I apologize if this has been discussed before but I searched without luck.

I have many (hundreds of) email folders. When sorting email among folders in the left hand pane, the favorites folders are at the top in the same pane and therefore disappear from view when scrolling down.

It would be great to lock the favorites folders in the top left hand corner so they can be clicked or dragged to without scrolling all the way back up. Maybe the favorites could be in there own pane?

By the way, our company are long term Nethserver/Webtop users and I’d like to compliment everybody involved on a magnificent open source solution.


Hi @Greg and welcome back here :wink:
I find your suggestion interesting :thinking:
I sign your request to submit to the development team for future evaluation, thank you.

I’m happy for your compliments to Nethserver and WebTop :grinning:


I can suggest a possible solution instead of locking the folders (depriving work space for the user if there are many favourite folders). You could offer a right click on the emails and a menu to move the emails to (favourite) folders.