WebTop configuration and feature queries


It’s been a longtime. I would like to check the difference between the mailserver (Postfix, Dovecot with antivirus/antispam filter) and the richer groupware WebTop? If I installed WebTop, I already have a working email server with additional features of groupware? I would just like to confirm this.

Planning to configure NS with WebTop.

Additional queries:

  • Does WebTop support multiple domain emails?
  • Does WebTop support smarthost? Additionally, if it supports multiple domains, routing of emails to different (smtp) servers.
  • Does WebTop support fetching/connecting to mailservers (through IMAP or POP3)? per mailbox configuration?
  • Does the Backup application support backing up (and restoration) of WebTop (mailboxes, and optionally, addressbook/contacts and calendars)?


Hi @vhinzsanchez

WebTop uses the same underlying mil services (Postfix, Dovecot with antivirus/antispam filter) as any NethServer with Mail. This means that:


NethServer can, so it’s Yes also for WebTop


Note: I do not use WebTop, not even for my clients, but I can confirm the above.

NethServer can support multiple domains, and if not using a smarthost, it can do mail routing to different domains. When using smarthost, ALL non-local mail routing is delegated to the smarthost…

AFAIK, WebTop itself does not directly support multiple domains, as this is also not a target for NethServer (A SME small to medium enterprise usually does not need multiple mail domains.).

My 2 cents

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Hi @Andy_Wismer!

Many thanks for the input. Zimbra used to be my go-to email server but the open source version seemed to be stuck and will cease receiving support Dec. this year.

Regarding multi domain support for WebTop, it may not be a show stopper. I’ll just have to spun another NethServer VM for other domains.