Webtop & Cloud Issues

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: Webtop

Hi everybody, I’m having two issues with the cloud sharing integrated in WebTop.
From Internet Explorer and Firefox, it doesn’t work. I’m able to select the file to attach, but the link doesn’t appear in the text. From Chrome, nothing wrong. All works fine.
Idem on Apple Mac. Safari and Firefox don’t work. Chrome works like a charme.
I believe it’s a issue not related to webtop, but as usual, the final user pretends to use the browser he likes.
The second issue is related to the link that it create. When I install webtop, I’m able to send a link with http. Now it use https.
Some users complain that the link, when opened, is reported as unsafe by the browser and is requested to click to continue to the page. The recipients, therefore, do not open the page and report that doesn’t work.
Is there a trick to solve this “problem” of these unskilled users?
Thanks guys!

Maybe @lucag or @gabriele_bulfon have some workarounds!

Hi Andrea, sorry but I can not replicate the reported problem.
I did several tests with both Firefox (ver. 48.0.1) and with Microsoft Edge (ver. 38.14393.0.0) without ever detect the problem. Can you tell me exactly how to reproduce the problem and if you are presented systematically?

I think the only real workaround is to purchase a valid SSL certificate for the browser or use Let’s Encrypt.
For Nethserver 6.8 see here: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/base_system.html#let-s-encrypt-certificate
For Nethserver 7 is available interface on the server certificate

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Hi Luca,

The problem presents sistematically using Internet Explorer 11.0.14393.0 Update version 11.0.33 (KB3170106) on Windows, with Firefox 48.0.1 (Windows & MacOS) and with Safari (macOS).
Using chrome, nothing wrong. I’m using the “allega file da cloud personale” button. It let me choose the file, let me set a password. When i click “Attivo”, I can’t see the link in the message. With Chrome, repeating exactly the same procedure, I obtain the link and password where they would be there. Maybe it could be a problem of this installation of nethserver. I’ll try another one to see if the problem replicates on it.

Let’s encrypt works like a charme. Thanks for the help!