WebTop calDAV sync for Tasks

NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)

Final trial of WebTop before I decide if I can use it…

I can synchronise Calendar and Contacts using CalDav and CardDAV with my desktop machines but not Tasks. Should I be able to sync with WebTop’s Tasks?

I know I can do this with SOGo!

Many thanks.

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Is it possible?

Hi @DavidG,
i can confirm that in the current version, Task synchronization is only supported via EAS (ActiveSync) and only for Apple devices.

Because Android devices do not support tasks synchronization, unless via specific apps that must be configured separately and that can’t be trusted as an OS feature, we didn’t insist in supporting tasks on DAV.
If you feel this should be done, please add your motivations.



Not everyone uses Android! Having Tasks synchronise completes the set. Apple iPhone and iPad users as well as Mac desktop people could have Calendars, Contacts and Tasks. Usually the three work together.

I think if WebTop did have Tasks I would consider using it. But as it doesn’t I am using a different solution.


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In Android, both Davdroid (davx5) and Dmfs CalDAV and CardDAV suggest to use Dmfs Opentasks to manage Tasks:

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Not everyone uses Apple devices.
Which are nowadays far more expensive and outperformed by competing products, only with the exception of iPad, the only “currently” performing tablet platform, hoping that iPad OS will provide what is still lacking from Apple iThings since the first iPhone: filesystem access.

Getting back to business…
Sync of tasklists and tasks are core business for Evernote, which lead Google to create Tasks and Keep, a mix of EverNote can do.
I agree that should be something standard for that, but currently on Android this feature is missing, provided by combined Calendar, Tasks, Keep.
Affordable tasks management applications which are WebDav-enabled are welcome :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks, it’s clear WebTop is not for me, nor me for WebTop.

This seems to work with Activesync:

■ Supported servers: MS Exchange 2003-2013, Office 365, Outlook.com, Hotmail, OneNote Outlook, IceWarp, Tine, Kerio, Zimbra, AkrutoSync, Zarafa, Z-Push, Horde and others

I didn’t try it.