WebTop and Sogo, and CMS?

i have installed Webtop4 and Sogo.
which one should I use?
In addition I would like to know if any of dua has the functionality of CMS (sharepoint, Alfresco, etc. …)
How Nethserver CMS has no program?
Thank you

Personally I would go for SOGo as a web frontend for email. I like the layout and how it works. Besides that I think Webtop 4 is a java resource hog. Although I rarely use the web client. I mostly use mail through thunderbird.

Wordpress is a CMS (=Content Management System) which is available via NetForge repository: http://dev.nethserver.org/projects/nethforge/wiki/Nethserver-wordpress

You could argue what CMS is most usefull. I have used a few different types: Drupal, CMSMS and Plone. Depending on what your aim is, choose any CMS you want. It might need some fiddling with LDAP settings to get LDAP authentication working.

If you ask for Sharepoint and Alfresco, IMO those are DMS’s (Document Management Systems) or Collaboration Systems. Anyway, I would stay far away from Alfresco since it is java based. I just don’t like that, but that is my personal opinion. For a DMS I would like to see SeedDMS

Hello Robb,
thansk for you replay.
ok, i wont use the DMS.
Nethserver have the DMS integrated?
can Seed DMS integrated on Nethserver?


If you want only webmail (no groupware functions) go with roundcube :wink:

Take a look at this and enjoy!

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Rainloop is not bad also…but I don’t believe you have a rpm although it is really easy to install it as a lamp application.

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