Webtop and server name aliases

I just setup a server with a non fqdn public name ( myserver.domain.lan ) and enabled some virtualhost on it ( new.domain.com, new2.domain.org).
Since I don’t want to expose to internet the standard www page of nethserver I put in /var/www/html an index.php page who redirects all traffic to new.domain.com
How should I configure webtop to work on new.domain.com/webtop ? I tried via advanced settings in gui with no luck… always 404 error… If I try to connect via https://IP/webtop it works, apart from wrong certificate warning obviously


Why on earth would anyone nowadays ever think of using a .lan domain?

→ Even Microsoft has long turned away from their stupid .local or .lan recommendations of earlier years.

Use a real domain name and save your self unneeded headaches!

You can also use the letsEncrypt solution easily!

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Imagine to have about 500 email users in real domain.com ( another VPS) and not wanting all of them to use nextcloud or webtop… in the same time I need to mail them without having server replies as “user unknown” because the domain is the same on the two VPS, How can you manage this?


Create a group, eg nextcloud-users…

As I use AD, a lot of confusing System & Windows users / groups would show up in Nextcloud. To evade unnecessary questions, I create the group as above (You could add such a group for WebTop Users…) and so I keep the user / group lists clean.

You could also use the group-membership to evaluate against all users, to create a user list for mailing as you mentionned above.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what tool you use or prefer, as long as the task gets done!
(Excel, Perl, awk/sed/grep combination…)

The simple fact that two server happens to be in the same mydomain.com - and maybe even IP neighbors in the same subnet has absolutely NO influence on mail.

Mail is controlled by DNS entries (MX, but also A rand PTR ecords), and also by it’s configuration.
It is easily possible to have two NethServers next to each other, and one handles mail, the other does not (It forwards any mail stuff to the other server). A smarthost, in other words.

This is all a matter of planning (What do I want to achieve), and setting the appropriate DNS entries and Configuration bits…
A restart of services may be needed at the end, but that’s about it!

My 2 cents

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Webtop should be browsable with any domain, no need to configure as it works with just IP too.

Are the domains pointing to your server IP?

Did you enable them in server manager like create a virtualhost in the webserver module? It’s not needed and should be deleted.

yes I did it, now I try to delete them and see if it solves, ty

I can’t disable visrtualhosts, that server hosts three domains, If I disable them, they stop to work

OK, if the domains are already in use by virtualhosts, you may add a new domain (NOT in server manager) pointing to your server and use it for Webtop.

THX now it works, but what about let’sencrypt cert? If I don’t add the virtualhost to managed domains the cert will be renewed when it should be?
Is it enough to request it for the first time and then delete domain from managed virtualhost ?

Yes. you don’t to setup a virtualhost in server manager for requesting the LE cert.

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