WebTop and NextCloud comparison

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: general

I would like to have a tip.
I would like to use Neth server on a small network.
The two scenarios I consider are:

  1. Neth as samba server and webtop5 as email server relay and collaboration.

  2. Neth + Nextcloud for data sharing, collaboration, and e-mail apps.

Someone made a VS or comparation …?
Thank you

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Comparative between NextCloud and Webtop? It’s not easy to made, NextCloud email app is quite young as for I know. Webtop’s one is very mature and several features
On the other hand NextCloud’s file sync/cloud is far better than WebTop (I know that there will be an integration in the future)

In my case I use both, Webtop for email/calendar/contacts and NextCloud for cloud and files management.

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