Webtop alias mail setup assistance required

Hello @webtop_team and @dev_team,

I’ve installed Webtop 5 on NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final).

I’m looking for assistance on setting up the following for our users.

We have two generic email addresses currently managed by two different people:

bookkeepping@mydomain.com managed by Sally.
secretary@mydomain.com managed by Jane.

I’ve created accounts in Nethserver for both Sally and Jane where I want each to have the following restriction with regards to their mail:

sally@mydomain.com will only send and receive mail using bookkeeping@mydomain.com
jane@mydomain.com will only send and receive mail using secretary@mydomain.com

So both Sally and Jane will never send or receive email using their own named email address.
But both Sally and Jane both need to have their accounts to login to their domain computers and to Nextcloud (and any other services we add from Netherver). So to further clarify:

Logs into her domain computer using sally@mydomain.com
Logs into Nextcloud using sally@mydomain.com
Uses Webtop 5 for all her mail using bookkeeping@mydomain.com

Logs into her domain computer using jane@mydomain.com
Logs into Nextcloud using jane@mydomain.com
Uses Webtop 5 for all her mail using secretary@mydomain.com

How do I setup both Sally and Jane in Nethserver and Webtop to achieve what I need?

Thank you.

Hi, just set up aliases for bookkeeping and secretary to the relative accounts.
Then change webtop personal profile settings for the users, with the alias email address instead of the default account one.


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Thank you for the reply @gabriele_bulfon. Perhaps I’m over-complicating things. :slight_smile:

I suppose what I could do is have sally and jane login with their own personal accounts to their computer and Nextcloud. In Nethserver Email addresses I will disable mail for both sally and jane. Then I’ll have sally and jane login to Webtop using their bookkeepping and secretary ID’s. I’ve tried to find a way to setup aliases but that failed for me in the Nethserver GUI because I couldn’t link an alias to an already existing account.

My way of having sally and jane login to Webtop with a different ID means won’t be terrible for them to do.

Now that I’ve figured out how my two employees will login…how do I setup bookkeepping and secretary to allow the owners of the company to have full access to their email account folders from their own Webtop Mail? In Zarafa I would login to bookkeepping and in the settings there was a delegates section where I would add in both owner accounts and give them full control. Then when an Owner logged into their own personal mail on Zarafa they could see their mail folders and they could also see the bookkeepping folders too. Where in Webtop can I setup this up?

Thank you.

HI @gabriele_bulfon or @webtop_team,

Any advice you can give me on how to exactly setup delegation of mail so our company owners will have access from Webtop 5 to their own personal mail as well as our accounting and secretary email addresses?

Thank you.

Just right click on the inbox, and access the sharing menu, select on top to share all account, then add the destination users. Here you also can select that the destination user will also receive an automatic identity, and / or the mailcard.

Once shared, the destination user will have to logout and login again to see the “shared” folder : wokring on the sehared folder, WebTop will automatically select the shared identity.


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Thank you @gabriele_bulfon, I’ve now setup a delegate for our secretary mail for our owner access. Much appreciated.

But what does this sentence mean exactly?

“Here you also can select that the destination user will also receive an automatic identity, and / or the mailcard.”

What will receiving an automatic identity and mailcard do for the owners if I check these boxes? When I check them I can’t see what they are doing or giving to the owner?

Thank you,

When you check to share identity, it means that the receving account will be able to send emails with the sharing identity.
Just create a new email, and look at the combo box on top of the edit window.
If you write or reply emails from the received sharing account, sharing also an identity, it will be chosen automagically.
Same goes for the mailcard: if the sharing account has a custom mailcard, that will be used on the receiving account too.
That’s full delegation.


Excellent response @gabriele_bulfon. Appreciate you taking the time to explain to me full delegation.

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