WebTop - Adjust Timezone of Internet calendar?

I use a Internet calendar from my university and get a wrong time…

This should be 18:30 - 20:15…

Is it possible to adjust it to my local time?

OK, got it… Works like it should…

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Please add your solution for future reference…
Glad you figured it out yourself.

First I worked with my own appointments and did not recognize that the timezone was wrong…

Then I used the inetnet calendar and found out that all my other appointments were wrong… :expressionless:

Maybe it is possible to adjust webtop to the local time as default?

I am not used to webtop. Isn’t webtop taking the system time by default?
@gabriele_bulfon @lucag

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WebTop has a DefaultTimezone dbprop.
Some events could be affected by the php timezone.

If the post still stands, defaults were set to English and UTC timezone:


Ok, thank you for the Info…

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