Webtop Addressbook Questions

Hello @support_team or @webtop_team or @lucag ,

I’ve rolled out Webtop to our office now and I’ve been asked a few questions that I believe are relevant to making Webtop a better mail app.

  1. Contacts in the Addressbook have a dropdown for company. Does Webtop allow us to pre-fill this dropdown? If so where is this done?

  2. We’re a Canadian company so in the addressbook we would like to change State to Province. Does Webtop allow for this?

  3. When creating a ‘Contact List’ or distribution list, I’d like to have the ability to allow our users to confirm the recipients in the distribution list. Is there an option from within the email itself to see the people in the distribution list? Or perhaps an option to expand the list to the individual names.

When composing a new email and we select the Addressbook button at the top of the message to look for contacts to add, why is the Addressbook window completely empty of Contacts on the left side? This should, in my opinion, list all contacts so people could not only search using the Find box but also scroll through the list to add the people they want. What is the reason for this left side box to be empty until the Find box has something in it?

Thank you.

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Hi @greavette and in the meantime thanks for your suggestions :wink:

that dropdown is functional (and queries a specific table) only if the paid DRM add-on module is installed.
Without this form, that field should be understood as if there was no dropdown.
I agree with you that it should be removed :smirk:

In fact, in other languages other than English (eg Italian) the “State” field has been translated into “Provincia”.
I’m not sure it can be customized in some way … any ideas @matteo.albinola ?

Currently this mechanism has been chosen so as not to make the opening of that window slow in case of many contacts in the address book.
To get the whole list just insert the character “.” and enter (find).

you can import the contents of a list with this button:

In this way it will be possible to see and modify the recipients before sending the email :wink:



As always I really appreciate your feedback and help @lucag, Thank you!

A few more questions, clarifications if I may.

I have tested using a “.” in the Find field and I do see all our contacts now. But what is the sorting of contacts? They appear to be all over the place? Could you consider adding a heading or something to allow me to sort (last or first name maybe). I know we can use find for specific names but if someone wanted to scroll down the list and pick and choose I think having the list of contacts in some kind of order would make sense.

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I had not seen this option. I see the box is simply a search box whereby a user can just input in the name of the distribution list. For some of our staff who don’t manage contacts and are just “users” of email and simply send emails to contacts they may not know the name of all distribution lists. To get around this we will use a common word like “distribution” in the name of our contact list to help people identify a list from an individual contact.

Another suggestion I would like to make that I’ve noticed in the Address Book is when using the dropdown for the ‘Contacts list’ which shows all distribution groups created. This is a good feature as it shows all distribution lists we’ve created, but I’ve noticed that the preview in the right side is completely empty of which contacts are in the list? I would like to suggest you list in the right hand side (where I’ve put the red box) the list of users in this Contact List. Yes we can open the list to see but to keep it consistent with how individual addresses show details in the right pane I think the list of contacts in the Contacts List should also show in the right side.

One other suggestion I would like to make is when adding contacts to an email, I think there should be an X to the right side of the box to allow for the removal of the contact. Currently we can use the delete button but having the choice of using either the delete key or to press an X at the end of the box would be a nice addition.

Thank you again for your assistance.

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