WebTop 5: new update release 5.6.3

The WebTop development team has just released a new update release: 5.6.3
(thanks to the Webtop Team: @Amygos, @giacomo @gabriele_bulfon e @matteo.albinola)

This is a release that mainly includes bug fixes :beetle::white_check_mark:

Here are the official release notes published: https://www.sonicle.com/docs/webtop5/release_notes.html#release-notes

In particular, with this release all issues related to those development versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.3 .
Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5729

Important note:

In the release it was decided not to immediately include the new upstream version of the ActiveSync server that still needs some implementation work and some more tests.
The reference issue for the new ActiveSync server is this: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5732

Top new features:

Major bug fixes:

  • CORE: Automatic recipients cannot be deleted if they contain accented characters
  • CORE: Missing db namespace in init-data-core.sql
  • MAIL: Failed to send mail with images resized in the mailcard
  • MAIL: Add failure message when try to flag/tag a read-only shared account
  • MAIL: Mail with special characters in the object can not be saved
  • MAIL: Some threads are not grouped correctly
  • MAIL: In some cases the mail of the organizer is not detected even if present in the attached .ics file
  • MAIL: Using Firefox and plain text the interface crashes
  • MAIL: Order by Status or Priority then by descending date
  • CLOUD: It is not possible to rename files with extension

To update immediately or install this new release:

yum clean all && yum update \*webtop5\* (to update)

yum clean all && yum install @nethserver-webtop5-groupware (to install)


Hi @lucag,
I’m trying to install it but can not find the group, should I add some repo?

Hi @drivemeca,
from what I see from your screenshot the installed packages are already updated ones related to the 5.6.3 release :wink:

Hi Lucag,
Ok, I wanted the last version you speak of, so I’ll wait for it to be updated in the nethserver repo.

Hi @drivemeca,
forgive me but I’m afraid I didn’t explain myself well;)

The version of the webtop5-1.2.13 RPM that you currently have installed on this server already correspond to the last one released which contains the 5.6.3 release :wink:

You can also check with this command:
# rpm -q --changelog webtop5|grep 5.6.3
- WebTop 5.6.3 - NethServer/dev#5729

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Hi Lucag,
Great, thank you very much, verify and effectively, I already have it installed.

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