WebTop 5 - New update release 5.5.0

The WebTop development team has just released a new update release: 5.5.0

(thanks to the Webtop Team: @Amygos, @gabriele_bulfon e @matteo.albinola)

Here are the official release notes published:https://www.sonicle.com/docs/webtop5/release_notes.html#release-5-5-0-november-30-2018

Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5666

Top new features:

Bug Fix:

  • Mail: It is not possible to rename subfolders in case of alternative root
  • Mail: Opening more than one new message and sending may delete only one of the automatic drafts


This release is only available for NethServer updated to version 7.6

To update immediately or install this new release:

yum clean all && yum update nethserver-webtop5 webtop5* (to update)
yum clean all && yum install @nethserver-webtop5-groupware (to install)