WebTop 5 - New update release 5.3.3

The WebTop development team has just released a new update release: 5.3.3
(thanks to the Webtop Team particularly: @gabriele_bulfon, @matteo.albinola and @Amygos)

Here are the official release notes published: https://www.sonicle.com/docs/webtop5/release_notes.html
In particular, with this release all issues related to those development versions from 5.3.0 to 5.3.3 are included.

Top New Feature:


link to the manual [here]

  • Favorites folder and management

  • Remote calendars and contacts auto-sync

link to the manual [here]

link to the manual [here]

link to the manual [here]

Other new features:

  1. Improve chat UI
  2. New SMTP setting to support starttls and user authentication. (link to the manuale here)
  3. Autosave on drafts folder
  4. Add support to subject and body parameters in mailto urls clicked inside mail view
  5. New option for no mailcard on reply or forward
  6. Paste of emails from Excel column to Message Editor recipients
  7. Add “receive notification on external update” option on calendars
  8. Enable attendees management within recurring events
  9. Contacts Import LDIF format

Bug fix:

  1. Possible heavy load on inboxes with ten thousands of unseen emails
  2. Forwarding messages with attached eml doubles final attachments
  3. Creating a main folder with name “root” causes the folders tree go crazy
  4. Emails that contain images become already read
  5. Labels with space in the name are not applied
  6. The modification of a custom label is not applied to the emails
  7. Duplicate folders in the connected nextcloud resource
  8. Webdav folders are duplicated if name contains encoded whitespaces
  9. Sending or discarding a new message may sometime prompt errors
  10. Some text/plain mails with non utf-8 charset may not display correctly
  11. Sent receipts are always saved in the Sent folder of the main user, also inside shared identities folders
  12. Firefox does not show the grid after login, with Crisp theme
  13. TinyMCE editor applies blob conversion on inline images
  14. Advanced search anywhere does not provide correct results

Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5571

To update immediately or install this new release:

yum clean all && yum --enablerepo=nethserver-updates update nethserver-webtop5 webtop5 (to update)

yum clean all && yum --enablerepo=nethserver-updates install @nethserver-webtop5-groupware (to install)

From next week it will be installable and upgradable also through the Software Center :wink:


You can’t imagine how eager we are to install this version. It’s going to solve me some real headaches with the VIP users.

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but this problem is unsolved like before.



Hi @transocean,
I can confirm that the fix will be included in the next release that is being processed.

Maybe @gabriele_bulfon has a reason why it was decided not to include it in this release :wink:

Yes, that code was a lot of stuff to be brought in from the new corrected code of Sencha/UX new releases (non GPL), so we had to do it manually as patches, and it was too much effort to bring and debug on that release code base.