Website won't accept a new topic


I’m new here. I am trying to create a request for help but when I submit it I get a message saying new users cannot post more than 2 links.
Which sounds fine, but the problem is my post has no links in it.

How do I post?

Sorry for such a stupid question

it did of course accept this one

the other post is about email, do email addresses count as links?

Hi Kevin, and welcome.
If the preview pane shows them in blue (as a link) then yes, they would be considered as links because of the domain format.
You can wrap the email address in single backticks or a whole code block with triple backticks.

There was nothing showing in blue, but after removing all the .com and from my explanation, it went through. I just hope the post still makes sense.


Welcome to the nethserver forums. As many communities we use Discourse as our forums software. It has some way of trying to weed out spammers. Most spammers are new accounts, hence the rules are a bit strickter on new accounts than on accounts that are going on for a while and belong to genuine users that enjoy the NethServer project and it’s community.
I am sorry to hear you encountered this restriction on new accounts. It will disapear automagicaly if/when you log in more often, post more comments and start more questions.
For us it is a narrow line between onboarding new users and give them the best experience possible and blocking spammers.
We try to do our best to finetune this… I hope you can understand.

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It’s OK I understand completely,
I was talking about email addresses and as soon as I removed .com and from them, it posted fine.
I succeeded in solving the issue, so I sent a reply explaining what I did.
I failed to find how to add a solved tag, is this something I should be doing?

If the topic was started as a support question, you should be able to add a marker to the resolving post.
(click the 3 dots under the post that solved the topic and click the checkmark)

Thank you kind sir, I’ll do that.