Website and host exception in transparent proxy

Please, I configured some site’s and hosts in order to avoid proxy but it’s don’t working.
I have problems with a site, i think that the solution could be redirect with iptables.
Please, i need exclude totally one site.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @jgrados,

I hope I understood you right.
Exceptions from proxy are described here:

You are also able to do it in client browser settings…


Not Working By pass domain
The windows browser say : “Not found file to download”

It’s a bank site, i see that it use FTP session to transfer from Bank to my lan internal.
Please, how i can exclude this site using shorewall or iptables.
My network fisically is:
Please can you help me ?

I tried to

config setprop squid SSLBypass

But not work


Do you also use web content filter? There is a setting to block zip:

Create an host group in firewall objects with two objects for the two ip addresses:
Then put the group in Sites without proxy in Web proxy.