Webinterface on nethserver.org for creating modules

I was having a talk with @alefattorini and during the talk we came to community modules and a community repository. I know there already is a repository for new Nethserver modules, but it is still not very easy to create new modules.

Since NethServer is an .rpm based distribution, it would be a logical step to have howto to create rpm packages for new Nethserver modules.

In a brainwave, I thought: how cool would it be if there is a webinterface (maybe on nethserver.org, maybe somewhere else) that lets you upload a tarbal from a new installed application and a dump of mysql that automagicly creates a .rpm of that.

It would ave HUGE impact on the easyness of adding new modules to NethServer and a enourmous opportunity to make NethServer a mainstream distribution. Of course there needs to be Quality Control after submitting such a .rpm, but it would mean that if someone realy would like to have a certain application running on NethServer, it would be easy to add it as a module (not only install it on NethServer as an application)

For instance, if you want to have a Learning Environment like Moodle, you install Moodle on a Nethserver, create the tarbal of the install and add the mysqldump of the Moodle database and through the webinterface a .rpm is created for a NethServer Moodle module. You could start and test with small applications but in theory also big applications like odoo could be created this way.

Is such a thing possible or would it take too much effort to code?
How should QC be implemented?

What do you all think?

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A quick point of view I have a baby sleeping on me :wink:

I try when I do a module to keep the rpm from epel or elsewhere. My nethserver-rpm is relative to the integration in nethserver.

Why because i don’t need to work on the security side of the application…it is really a time consumer.

What you describe can be implemented but ask a lot of knowledge and time.

Mister pialasse did something like you describe for sme server http://atlas.itx.pialasse.com/makecontrib/

I’d add that once you have the tar file you need the .spec file… and often the “magic” is with the last one…

That’s nice :smile:

do you have any other idea to make this path as straightforward as possibile? A better doc? A page for new modules like this?
/cc @Stll0, @davidep, @giacomo, @filippo_carletti, @alep @edoardo_spadoni @stephdl

Edit: I still think that a good howto is a good starting point, when everything is clear and you know what the module needs, building a module should be easier.



Need to be expanded. Do you think is a good starting point?


Great startingpoint!
What even would be better is a generic explanation how to create rpm’s from source. Or maybe it is enough to point to documentation on the web/CentOS wiki?

I’d prefer not duplicating information. We could link some good generic rpm docs (I think that @stephdl has something).

Take a look at this: https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm

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I have starting to work http://www.nethserver.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=developer:rpm_documentation

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This looks VERY promising! Maybe we can build on this?

I don’t know, never tried: I don’t like very much too general tools :smiley:


I love start from scratch :slight_smile: