Webhosting deal I'd like to share with this community!


I thought I would share a great deal recently provided by a company I trust 100%. Symmcom is offering a $1/month Webhosting package now! More details here:

I personally use Symmcom for our hosting as well as other services and trust them fully! @wahmed is also a member here so reach out to Wasim if you have any questions.


Thank you Charles ( @greavette) for the shout out!

Do I dare to mention here that I like Nethserver dearly :blush:.
Had few email servers based on Nethserver for last many months most of which has been rolled into production already. Right now putting it through the test of firewall functionalities. Our central email server connected to Active Directory has been performing Superbly.


Happy to hear that :wink:
We’re at Fosdem with the community and your words are great :wink:

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