Webfilter rules are not working


I have created a category with domain “accounts.google.com” . I allowed this category in one group and blocked in another one.

But here the issue is the group which is allowed to access above category cannot access the domain.

Some guys here have a lot of expertise on Web Filtering and Proxy
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Thanks for reply. How to link them to this topic.

I am new to this community so I am asking this.

welcome to great family, you can send us screenshots of all your system proxy settings


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Screen Shots:

@Kolli_vasu Ok and you are using proxy with which settings: transparent, authenticated, manual or transparent ssl?

you are using groups and users, I imagine you are using authentication settings, right?


yes I am using authentication settings. I have uploaded the web proxy screenshot also please find it

Everything looks good, but you use accounts.google.com to access gmail?, added to the whitelist: mail.google.com, check if your filter is blocked webmail option.

I use lists shalla and, I had no problems.

That’s my setup, previously was giving me problems because in the default lists shalla had blockages which I allowed whitelisted.

You should try or use white or black lists or custom lists of suppliers.

the last profile is limited access is only for e-mails and banks. the global blacklist domains I put facebook and youtube so they can not open the pages



This scenario worked for me.Thank for helping


Do not hesitate to ask a friend, we are here to help and solve.



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