Webfilter is not working

I am using nethserver 6.7 .

I have created two groups and added users to it and added web filters to each group with this configuration webfilter is working correctly.

But when I removed the user from group 1 and added to group 2 from then onways webfilter is not working and am able to access sites even they are restricted.

Please help me.

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Hello @Kolli_vasu

It’s strange what happens, you can stop the proxy service and turn it back on?

Could you please list out the command to restart proxy service

You can do this:
Webproxy off from nethserver and then activate or from the terminal by ssh do this “service squid restart”


Even after restart also same issue persists.
Any files or server logs that I can provide so that you can identify the root cause.

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I’ll be performing the tests as is your case you’ll notice. you can send screenshots of your web proxy settings and filters?


Screen shots

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If its OK for you I can provide the vm of my instance.

I have traced out the issue.

I have used same names for group,profile,filter as ‘restricted’ so as db data is saved in file may be due to this name collisions webfilter didn’t worked. I resolved this by recreating filter and profile with different names.

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At this time he was about to write that.

The tests have done with my client, and it works perfect.


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