Webdav on a Virtual Host

I need webdav on a virtual host.
How do I enable this?

Can someone please point me into the right direction?

Thank you

Nextcloud provides webdav out of the box.

There are instructions about adding webdav to a virtualhost including auth via LDAP in the wiki.

Thank you for the Link but I’m sorry to say I dont understand what I have to do now

I guess I nedd this one: /etc/e-smith/templates/httpd/ibay-default/70UserMODDAV
but this ist not on my server.
Please tell me how to use the information on the wiki page?
in other words: I have no clue what you try to tell me :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I’ll try to clarify.

The easy way is using Nextcloud for webdav. Nextcloud can be installed from Software Center.

The hard way are the steps in the wiki. It’s about customizing the way NethServer creates virtualhosts. I never tested it and I don’t know if it still works, it was just a direction.

If you don’t need Nethserver Users authentication, then you may try to setup your webdav virtualhost manually, see this tutorial.

If you need help with an option just tell me. Why do you need webdav? Maybe we find another solution.

I think you should create it as custom template.

For a project I need to use Adobe Dreamweaver to connect to the testserver. I need webdav since SFTP won’t work becouse of firewall restrictions.
Nextcloud I do have installed but I didn’t find a way to connect to a Directory on my Nextcloud with webdav

Here is a documentation how to use Nextcloud webdav:


Thank you this was very helpful.

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