Webdav backup and credential management

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: Backup

I have a hypothetical question. Backup has the option to backup to a webdav volume. I think that is a great option because it allows you to backup to an offsite location.
Let’s assume you have provider A for your webdav volume. You backup there and after some time, you decide you need another webdav provider. You create an account for provider B with new credentials.
You configure the new webdav location with new credentials in the backup data module.
Now assume you need to restore a file that is on the wbedav volume of provider A. How would you do that? Are the credentials for provider A stored with the corresponding backup? Or do you need to reconfigure the credentials for the backup to the old situation?

The second one, there is only one copy of credential saved inside the esmith db.