Web Site Service Monitoring


this is not a real feature request, however this is just an off-topic question if you by change know a server based solution. Maybe it can be solved using my Nethserver installation environment.

I am looking for a tool to monitor a website for changes. There are quite a lot of tools available, however most of them require a registration / freemium software. I do not really like that - As I do have a 24/7 server with free capacity, I just want to run it on my own (server based). Examples of such software are:

  • Destill Web Monitor (Firefox Add-on, but offline)
  • Wachete (Freemium)
  • Visual Ping (Freemium)
  • Update Scanner (Add-on, offline)

What should the tool do: It should look at dedicated web sites and compare it to a stored version. On changes, I would like to recieve some kind of notification.

What is that for? e.g.

  • an online shop specialized on used business notebooks for resale - I do not want to be on their newsletter list, but I want to get informed on new offers
  • the ftp site containing updates for my network hardware (Draytek) does not offer any other type of notification at all.
  • At best, I would like to provide this as a service to my users …

Thanks for your help and ideas in advance



A more in-depth search could bring more scripts and CLI tools.