Web proxy - Transparent with SSL

A requirement that always ask us is to block social networks for a group of people and not others.
I’m using NS 6.8.

I follow this instruction:
Continuing the discussion from Do you use transparent proxy, and if so how?:

But we need to use Transparent with SSL instead Transparent mode
and the faceebook was blocked

We hace problem to acces web.whatsapp, any idea how to solve this blockade?

  1. If I understand correctly, if you use the transparent mode should I install the certificate on each machine, no way to do it automatically?

  2. Or should I install the certificate if I enable HTTP and HTTPS ports Block

Thanks and sorry for so many questions



for the installation of certificates you can use the address from your browser:
http://your_ip_ns/proxy.crt or https://your_ip_ns/proxy.crt

Thank you … I did like the manual says

Maybe you can do something with AD group policies, but I don’t really know.

Sorry, but not all websites work correctly in transparent mode.

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@Alejandro_Guerra We recommend better to use the authenticated mode

How i can enable those ports 5222-5223 # whatsapp … temporary Just to ckeck. …If it works leave it permanent?

You must create a rule in the firewall, and add objects first service in the firewall.


Thank a lot !!!
I’ll try


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