Web proxy filter is blocking google and gmail

NethServer Version: nethserver 7.o
Module: firewall>> web proxy

web proxy not pass gmail and google, i tried many times to re install and reconfigure but still that issue not solved, please advise

Please tell us something about your configuration. Did you install the filter too or only the proxy?

i installed filter and blocked some categories not related to google

when i try to access gmail or google , the web browser take long time then finally give me error message that page take too long time

Please have a look at /var/log/squid/access.log after you tried to reach google.

Also I would try to disable the filters step by step, so you can find the filter which blocks your google.

the issue in block http and https traffic but when i cleared check box the users can access blocked sites as fb and youtube.

I got that below error

www.gmail.com took too long to respond.

Please have a look at Web Content Filter, Filter and deactivate categories one by one and try to reach google after every category you disabled.