Web filtering on https connections ( Google searches and Youtube )

I have an interesting scenario which would definitely have an application for NethServer in a school environment and I am not sure if this needs to be answered on another thread or as part of this one, so let me toss the cat among the pigeons…

NethServer has got a good Web Filter in it and it works well for http connections and some https connections.

However, is there a way for NethServer to effectively perform web filtering on https connections and more specifically Google searches and Youtube?

We don’t want to put a complete block on Google searches or Youtube, we just want to filter out the undesirable topics.


I think https filtering requires an active proxy setting. What exactly do you want to accomplish?

You could use something like shallalist. Did you go through the docs for content filters? http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/content_filter.html


I will look into this thanks

@robb - For an environment where there are children, I would like to try and filter out voilence drugs and sexual topics on Youtube and hopefully also some of the search results for the various search engines.