Web filtering block page does not work

I’m using the Nethsever’s web filter with some custom categories, and it works as it blocks every website I putted in blacklist, but the client is not redirected to the block page.
I checked in the configuration and it seems to be ok:

acl {

# Profile: test
src_test  {
    pass !nh_blacklist  !in-addr  !builtin  !adult  !agressif  !bitcoin  !celebrity  !dangerous_material  !dating  !drogue  !educational_games  !hacking  !lingerie  !malware  !mixed_adult  !phishing  !sexual_education  !social_networks  !warez  all
default {
    pass nh_whitelist  !nh_blacklist  !in-addr  all

If I manually visit I see the block page, but when I visit a blacklisted URL I get the ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED error on Google Chrome and I’m not redirected to the block page.

I see the block page even if I try to go to its URL from the server itself.

Could you help me to find out where the problem is, please?

Thank you very much.


Did you tried to clean cookies and browser cache and then restart chrome?

Can you try with another browser to see if you have the same kind of error.


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