Web filter don´t work fine

Why when I make a change; for ex: I take a ip and put into a gruop for free navegation whitout filter; all the other pc are free and navegate without filter… I´m going to get nuts…:rage:

NethServer Version: 7
Module: your_module

Hello can you helpme; at first time the web filter works good, but I made a change, I give free navegation to a pc; and all the IP goes free… I don´t know whats going on…

Hi Christian,
no reason to get nuts, sometimes machines don’t act like we expect them to do. :slight_smile:
(or in my case often they don’t do)

If you want to define 1 machine to be not filtered, please define a host in “firewall objects”. Give it a name and the correct IP. Then got to “Web proxy” and select “hosts without proxy” and select the host you created before. Same thing with IP-range, Hostgroups or CDIRs.

BTW: with proxy mode do you use? With transparent only you can only filter http, no https. Facebook for example uses https. To filter this select transparent with SSL and install the certificate on the client.

Good luck.



I make what do you say… but don´t work… The IP is in the group of the range is blocked. but don´t work… what I´m doing wrong.

Good morning, or at least here is morning, what time do you have?

Please tell me what proxy mode you use.

Can you show us some screenshots of the firewallobjects and the hosts without proxy site please?

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