WEB filter does not work

Hello to all,

Webfilter was working properly, a now it does’t :slight_smile:

I have deleted all objects in firewall and di the objects again

I did the same with the rules,

everything is reconfigured but web filter still does not work,

rebooted the server many times, still the same

any ideas ?

Also, i try to delete a profil, but it says on the top in a red banner that " the object does not exist"

any ideas ?

Best regards to all of you :slight_smile:

The web interface clearly displays an error.
Probably you’re referencing a non exiting object inside a profile.

Please, post the relevant part of /var/log/messages.

May be you have deleted filters before deleting profile. If this is the scenario first create the filters with the same name you have added to profile. Then delete the profile .