Web content filtering

Which difference is there between the Default rule and the customs? If I put in the defaul rule a new filter called teamviewer (which stops traffic to teamviewer.com), plus a firewall rule which drops port 5938, it works WONDERFULLY, all teamviewer clients are blocked. But if I want to build a custom rule only for the weekends, it does not work. I think that the “default” rule includes all the interfaces while with the custom you can choose only green or blue interface…Any idea??

Ehi Matteo, thanks for testinf the web filter :slight_smile:
I know that @jgjimenezs and @GG_jr are very experts on this

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I am doing some tests and I will be giving support


Hi Jose. Have you got any news?

Sorry @Matteo_Contoli today i Will be support

Hi Friend @Matteo_Contoli You created the time, filters and profiles? in this order?