Web content filter

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Filtering network content. Did not work :confused:
It does not work either for typing block β€œExe”, β€œZip”, neither a domain nor a list.
Is that a bugs? Do need any additional configuration?
I honestly just installed NethServer for this easy web content filter configuration. Well, but it does not work :confused:

I use version 7.3 and everything runs perfect.

Did you enable it?

Enable filter
Enable expression matching on URL
List of blocked file extension

Unfortunately this does not work.
Everything I included.
I also turned Proxy off and on. Did not help. I restarted Squid. Did not help.
The system is set to β€œfresh”.
Routing works. Samba works. Only the Web filter does not work. Strange.

Seja this link: Transparent HTTPS proxy

A little late reply. But thank you. It works! :slight_smile:

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