Web based Client for Instant messaging?

I would like to use Instant messaging (nethserver-ejabberd) with a web based client.
Is it easily possible with NethServer?

I found some jabber webclients, but those projects seem dead:


On xmpp.org there is a list of clients. Some of them are browser based. Maybe one of them is still being developed and might be possible to integrate with NethServer current jabber application?

Thank you robb!

you could give a try to mattermost

Found a module for nextcloud but it looks like it is not supported…

This wouldn’t be a client for ejabberd, but Nextcloud Talk would seem to be an option.

You mean this one?

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OK, will take a look…

What about converse.js?

Screenshot from inverse, a plugin of openfire, based on converse.js:

OK, looks also vy interesting!

Webtop? Maybe i’m wrong, but a couple of years ago was an jabber client…


This one?

How could it be activated?

OK, was able to configure it…


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OK, got a msg from myself… :laughing:

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