Weak Password to users


I want weak passwords to users in my network, but i can’t change. Only strong passwords are possible.

I have installed the nethserver-password module and I changed the setting to none (config setprop passwordstrength Users none).

I confirmed the current policy to None (config getprop passwordstrength Users).

Can someone help me?

Marcelo Costa

I think it’s best to leave them in secure passwords

Did you do which suggests here? http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/accounts.html

try edit in this path: /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/passwordstrength @marceloeng


it means only that the only password length check is done… password can’t be shorter than 7 (IIRC) chars

if it doesn’t work as expected, you’d report it as a bug

finally, using weak passwords, even if in local network is not a smart idea.

I want a weak password to non-admin users.

I know about the security, but my users are familiarized with a weak password.

I still can’t change to a weak password.

Thanks for help,

you already had the answer: with policy None, you can use whatever password you prefer, as long as it’s at least 7 chars long… it’s not a NS “problem”, it’s an os (IIRC) feature.

sorry but, this is a no problem… you are the one who admins the server… you have to give rules, they have to adhere… you should never transform an human approach problem (lazyness) into a technical one.

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Thanks Stefano,

I understand and agree with your position. I will try to maintain a policy of strong passwords.