Waiting for RC2

Continuing the discussion from Savapage integration for managed printing:

Hopefully, tomorrow is the day :slight_smile:

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I am currently installing on the RC1 and RC2. Savapage has a few dependencies, but they can be easily installed before installing the savapage binary.
I have direct contact with the (Dutch) developer of savapage. If you run into any problems I will gladly introduce you to him or ask questions on your behalf. (it is always easier to communicate in a native language)


Hi guys,

Which RC2?
We already have and use RC2. By upgrade and/or by ISO.
NethServer 7 rc2 ISO is coming up

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I cheated a bit: RC2 is available from sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nethserver/files/?source=navbar

I just talking about my announcement, ISO and updates are already available

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Downloading Thanks

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I’m using RC2 without the official announcement!
I also cheated!
Shame on me!:sob:

Installed & Testing!!!

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