vTiger install issue

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: Web App

i installed vTiger to try it and i ran into two problems, i hope someone can help me to solve them.

  1. I installed version 7.0.1 and everything was fine. I tried version 7.3.0 and when I go to browse “https://myserver/vtigercrm” I get a blank page.
  2. I tried to add the widget, but the script didn’t work. I had to add “<?Php” at the top of the script.
    But it doesn’t work on the new server manager.
    HowTo is dated, are there any updates?

I don’t know vtiger, but it sounds like a problem with a wrong php-Version. I’ve found vtiger 7.3 is compatible with PHP 7.3 and above. Have a look for php-scl from @stephdl.


If you have installed php-scl and webserver you can choose the php-version for each vhost.

Hope this helps.

I think @mrmarkuz can help with your second problem