Vtiger crm 7.1.0

I set up vtiger crm and everything seems fine. I have created workflows and created a cron job on cpanel to run at 15 minute intervals. This points to the vtigercron.sh file. Mails are not beinng sent even though the outgoing mail server sends mails just fine. Even automatic mails to notify user of creating of account etc are not sent. I don’t know what else to do as I am stumped. Any ideas?

I don’t know if we have any experts on Vtiger in our community. But this might be a question for Vtiger support forums?
@mrmarkuz has written a howto on how to install vtiger on NethServer
Do you have a suggestion markus??

I’ve tried that. There hardly seems any helpful responses. Thanks all the same.

CPanel? Do you use Nethserver?

I’ll have a look but IIRC mailing worked because it was used with the customer portal…

@kevinemeka did you find any solution? I have clear installation of Nethserver and VtigerCRM 7 and I have the same issue.

What I found is this suggestion:

  • set up cron in server
  • when cron runs - vtigercron.php , check the value of this variable - PHP_SAPI and update to this if condition -

if(PHP_SAPI === “cli” || (isset(_SESSION["authenticated_user_id"]) && isset(_SESSION[“app_unique_key”]) && $_SESSION[“app_unique_key”] == $application_unique_key)){

Suggestion is to change “cli” in line PHP_SAPI === “cli” to something else. But I donw know what.
And another task, if I check crontab -l, response is “no crontab for root”.


Finally I have found soution.

First install crontabmanager from @stephdl

Than add new simple task and to command box paste your path to vigercron.sh with sh.
My example:
sh /var/www/html/crm/cron/vtigercron.sh

And all messages are sent every 15 minutes.


Thanks for reporting the solutions. Just checked as resolved