Vpn + mobile phone

NethServer 7.9.2009
I created a connection on the server using OpenVPN RoadWarrior, installed OpenVpn on my computer and connect to the network without any problems. Everything works.
When I try to connect from a mobile phone using OpenVpn (openvpn shows that the connection is established and NS also shows this) there is no network access. Tell me what could be the problem?

It could be blocked by your provider. Please try the same at a WLAN.

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What means? try the same at a WLAN. Explain in more detail. The provider does not block. Problem on mobile even when connected via Wi-Fi

Which mobile OS and app do you use? I use OpenVPN connect on Android 10 and it works so far.

Do you use a bridged VPN? It’s not working with mobile devices, you’d need to change to routed VPN.

You may have a look at the server logs in /var/log/openvpn/ and I assume there’s a way to show logs in the openvpn app. Please also check /var/log/firewall.log on the server, maybe the firewall is blocking.

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My mobile system is Android 9.
I used OpenVPN Connect - Fast & Safe SSL VPN Client and I had problems with it.
I tried OpenVPN for Android and now everything works for me.
Thanks for the help.

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