VPN IPSec limit problem

I installed the final Neth7 and tried an IPSec VPN with a firewall Zyxell. All OK.
I tried to install a second IPSec VPN with another seat and disables the other …
Can I install multiple VPNs simultaneously? If YES, what is the limit?
Thank you

There isn’t a theoretical limit with IPSEC on Linux - I have around 50 IPSEC tunnels around the world. However each tunnel comes with a CPU hit as it encrypts the traffic so it really depends on what’s in your box and how much traffic there is.

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I have some NethServer with multiple ipsec tunnels.
What does ipsec status say?

4 vpn are similar and should be on line in turn … What the log file to be examined?

You should find anything inside /var/log/ipsec.log

IIRC, NS7 doesn’t store ipsec logs at all.
I use journalctl -u ipsec

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@roberto.schiano i’ve had a little issue between NethServer and Zyxel device, described here.

Maybe could help you (or even you already solved by yourself…)

NO, I could not get more VPN tunnels together. I solved it in other ways, I installed a USG 100 zyxel … Then I did not have time to try.

Nice piece of hardware, anyway…