VPN IPsec - Acess to exclusive IP

NethServer Version: 75
Module: IPSEC

I closed a vpn ipsec with a client, but this vpn was only accessible through ip

I tried registering this ip as an alias of the interface and add a static route so that whenever I access the ip exit through the alias interface, but it did not work.

Any tips on how to do this in NethServer?

Note: I tried to change the tunnel configuration to with my client, which would be accessible from my entire network, but it only has a window for this in 10 days. I needed my entire network to access the VPN.

Would you please try to explain the network structure and your goal?

At least… In subnets, zone and Ipv4 addresses :slight_smile:

Of course, this is it:

My network:
Nethserver firewall green:

What you need to do through VPN

Need: access the IP above my entire network, today I can only access through ip

I would solve this easily by changing the bus from ip to /16 in the tunnel configuration, but how to do this in 10 days. Did you want to meet by any indication?