VPN Head Quarters

I am testing nethserver
I wonder if I can have an array with multiple branches being interconnected
Headquarters 192.168.1.x
branches 192.168.2.x
branches 192.168.3.x

Someone has to how?

Thank you

Hi so mini how to @willaraujo
1 First Open Configuration -> VPN select OpenVPN Tab
2 Enable roadwarrior check RoutedMode and enter IP NetMask Enable LZO and in Advance option Change Port from default
3 Return to Accounts Tab
4 Push CreateNew like Office1 and Input Remote Network
5 Push CreateNew like Office2 and Input Remote Network
6 Install OpenVPN on your Remote Offices and from Accounts tab Download Configuration for your Offices
7 Rename .ovpn to .conf end put it in /etc/openvpn on your remote Office GW and restart openvpn
8 Your Offices now interconnected!

Thank you for your answer

This configuration would work with Nethserver the branch, connecting the headquarters?

Nethserver - Headquarter - 192.168.1.x (or have to change the IP for 10.0.0.x?)
Nethserver - Branch 1 - with workstations - 192.168.2.x
Nethserver - Branch 2 - with workstations - 192.168.3.x

thanks it is only for VPN LAN , Headquarter - it is on your geen LAN